DIY Tomy Omnibot Version 1

DIY Tomy Omnibot Version 1

I am on a real DIY kick. Not that I am actually doing anything, but instead I am on a real DIY reading kick. What can I say, I like to dream of things I cannot possibly accomplish.

I have always wanted a robot, and while some slightly advanced robots are starting to show up on the market, they lack the styling that I look for in a robot.

That is why this DIY Tomy Omnibot by EZ-Robot is right up my alley. It makes me look forward to reading about Version 2 and one day going on a road trip with my own robot buddy.

To start with they bought an original Omnibot, cleaned it up, painted it and then started adding all sort of fun new functionality that includes:

  • Voice recognition
  • Visual recognition, color tracking, motion tracking, and object tracking
  • Voice synthesis
  • Remote control
  • DC Motor Load Detection (Prevents getting stuck from objects he can’t see)
  • Autonomous Mode
  • Floor Sensors for stairs
  • Sweeping Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Since originally writing this post. EZ-Robot has changed their site dramatically, but their videos are still on YouTube and they eventually do work on enhanced versions of the Omnibot.

This all culminates in the turning of a an Omnibot 2000 into a modern Robot Companion complete with vision tracking, color tracking, motion tracking, face tracking, glyph tracking, speech recognition, Wii Remote control, and many many more features.

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  1. Retroist

    Another revived post. I have always love this DIY Omnibot and with the main site being taken down, I didn’t want people to lose track of how cool this could have been.

  2. vinvectrex

    Missed it first time around – glad to catch it now.

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