Do you remeber Duets Candy?

I have vague memories of a Peanut Butter hard candy called “Duets” from my youth, but when I went to search for it online, the results were unexpected. I found a commercial for an “Adults Only” candy called “Duets” that was basically raisins or peanuts coated in yogurt. This was not the candy I was looking for, but this commercial intrigues me (as do most for anything trying to say they are for “adults”.)

Companies must do a lot of research on selling stuff and they must have a monetary reason why they would say a product is not suitable for kids, but it seems counterproductive for a candy. When I was a kid and saw a food product, be it a soda, candy or a chip that was being marketed to adults, I lost interest completely.

These “Duets” could have very well been on the shelf next to other candies and if I saw this commercial I would have just passed them over.

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  1. Drahken

    Notice that this candy is all “healthy” ingredients; nuts, raisins, yogurt. I think it was intended to be something adults to indulge themselves with, without feeling quilty or childish about eating chocolate. At the same time, such a promotion may well have increased children’s interest as well, forbidden fruit as it were.

  2. Max Power

    Pretty sure this came from the same people that brought us BoKu juiceboxes for adults.

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