Do you remember Blurp Balls?

I grew up loving Madballs and didn’t think they could improve on this monster faced ball genre, but in the 1990s they came out with Blurp Ball and things got very interesting. Not only did the Blurp Ball have a spooky monster face, but it also had a ball that you shoved into is gaping mouth. When you squeezed the bigger ball…POP…the smaller ball went flying across the room.

If this is not clear, in this commercial you see an animation of how this is supposed to work:

Awesome, right? Now normally when you see a commercial like this and the effect is animated, you would think that the toy itself was not going to work as well. That is not the case with the Blurp Ball, these things backed a punch and those small balls could move. The problem in my house was that the projectile ball was so small and so enticing that one our many dogs scooped it up and ran off with it and I never saw it again. I figure that it was eaten. Which I think seems apt fate for a gross toy.

The Ball without its blurp still looked cool, but it was not very fun to play with.

Did anyone else have a Blurp? Which one did you have?

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  1. John Soma

    I have a full set, all still in the original packaging. Any idea on what the whole set would sell for?

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