Do you remember Chef Boyardee Cosmic Kids?

Space themed foods have always ranked high in my book. Sadly though, my Mother was kind of strict when it came to the foods I was allowed to eat and while I would have loved any type of Chef Boyardee pasta, cosmic themed ones most of all, she just wouldn’t buy them for me. She claimed that if I wanted pasta, she could put something together that was faster and more delicious. Truth was, she could, but I still wanted some canned pasta for novelty. When the opportunity presented itself, usually at a friend’s house, I ate it with gusto, despite not liking the taste all the much.

Oddly enough, the flavor of Chef Boyardee that I did like was the chicken flavor, which I rarely got.

I know it is crazy and that everyone will tell you that liking the Chicken flavored is crazy talk, but it is still all I can think about when I see this commercial.

Oh well. The Cosmic Kids are pretty cool. Not particularly inspiring, but for an 80s kid who loved Star Trek and Star Wars, it was enough to make them memorable.