Do you Remember Milk Mate?

Milk Mate was a liquid chocolate flavored syrup that billed itself as a better alternative to Nestles Quik. My family was already divided on our chocolate milk when this was introduced into our cabinet. I was all about Quik, while my sisters preferred Bosco. This new syrup in a squeeze bottle (revolutionary!) was greeted with skepticism, but quickly found a place in our weekly routine, but not in milk.

We already had that covered. So instead, whenever we bought Milk Mate, we would use it to flavor our vanilla ice cream. It was not as thick as Bosco, so it felt more like chocolate sauce than thin fudge.

Milk Mate did do what they said when it came to being mixed in milk. It completely dissolved much more effectively than any other product we had at the time. This also applied to the ice cream. Which gave the melty parts of the ice cream a nice chocolate flavor.

Does anyone else have Milk Mate memories? Was it a hit in your home?

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