Do you remember “Mr Pop” by Lakeside?

Do you remember “Mr Pop” by Lakeside?

The internet is a magical place for fans of nostalgia. Not only can it allow you to relive great moments from your past, but it can expose you to things that you never got to experience first-hand. I was watching some old TV shows online last night when I saw a link to something called “Mr. Pop by Lakeside”. The thumbnail image attached to the link looked pretty retro so I decided to check it out. Wow! I have never seen or played Mr. Pop, but what a concept. This is the type of game that had stressed me out while keeping me completely addicted at the same time.

It is no coincidence that the games seem similar. The Minnesota company Lakeside, which made perfection, also made Mr. Pop! I guess they were trying to lock down the stressful kid’s puzzle game market or at least the “games that shot things into your face” market.

If so, mission accomplished. Nowadays Perfection is made by Milton Bradley, but sadly no one is making Mr. Pop.

The game is a timed puzzle game. Sort of like the more popular Perfection, but instead of popping shapes on a grid, you are taking facial features and trying to put them on a face, sort of like a game version of Mr. Potato Head. But you better hurry, or else Mr. Pop! will go pop.

This game would have been perfect for me when I was very young. I always found the other games just slightly too difficult to put off, but a face might have been easier to do. Plus the form factor of this gem could have been re-purposed as a catapult or some other weird weapon to use with my action figures.

Watch this classic commercial for Mr Pop

So did anyone out there have a Mr. Pop? If so, was it fun? Did it break easily? Inquiring minds want to know.

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