Early 1980s HBO Sign-Off


It is getting harder and harder to remember a time when a TV station had a proper “sign-off”. I was a constant “stay-up-late” sneak as a kid and would watch with pride as whatever station I watched played the national anthem or a variation of it and then went dark, then to test pattern. The house took on a more eerie feel when that beeping or snow started. My sense of triumphantly defeating a day of television quickly turned to after-midnight dread and I could not get under the covers fast enough after it started.

One of the best sign-offs I have seen was the early 1980s one from HBO. Unlike the more patriotic or channel-centric ones I was used to, this one was a checklist of all the things you should be doing before you go to sleep.

Here is the Sign-oFf, along with a bonus promo for HBO programming.

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  1. Silver Fang

    I’m actually old enough to remember when stations used to sign off the air. Now they just show infomercials all night.

  2. William Hunter

    Imagine, Alien was only two years old when that promo was made.

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