Earth Wind and Fire Present the Panasonic Platinum Boombox

The Planetary Music Council’s first choice of Rick James proved to be very unreliable o Earth Wind and Fire were enlisted and tasked with spreading the “funk” across the galaxy. To seal the deal The Planetary Music Council built them a giant Panasonic Platinum Boombox to transport them between the stars. They were so impressed with its styling and sound quality, that they decided everyone should own one and made selling the boom box the core message of their mission. Their first stop…a city near you!!

Besides the excellent music and choreography this commercial features an enthusiastic tour de force performance by Harrison Johnson, famous in the world of commercials as the working man’s Scott Baio. His delivery of “Wow! Earth Wind and Fire!” borders on genius.

Earth, Wind and Fire never satisfied with doing the bare minimum, put their talents into another tantalizing galaxy changing ad as well.

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  1. Badwolf

    Boom Boxes are the shizznit.

  2. The Retroist

    I agree. Their could at times be almost something glamorous about them. They had an attraction that went beyond its normal function as a music place.

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