Eat Dinky Donuts Cereal and Win Big Prizes!

Oh Dinky Donuts Cereal how I miss you. You took two of my most favorite things in the world and put them together, donuts and breakfast cereal. Dinky donuts, was to my knowledge the only glazed donut cereal that has ever been made and their has been a huge hole is the cereal-verse since they discontinued it. You know your cereal is bad for you when its mascot is a fat middle aged guy in horizontal stripes.

The commercial is great. A real low budget, “You Bet Your Life” sort of vibe. It doesn’t mention the cereal, but instead promises you a wealth of electronica if you eat the cereal.

Now when I was a kid, I used to fantasize about having this awesome clubhouse. It would be built in an old water tower near the river and would be filled with all of the coolest toys and gadgets of the time. When I watched this commercial I was transported write back to the my youth. Everything in this commercial would pretty much be in my clubhouse. The big screen TV was especially nice, with those cool multi-colored lights. It was like a Polynesian restaurant in a box. You were not supposed to stare directly into them. I always stared directly into them.

Don’t try to control me!

The only thing that is missing for my clubhouse is the corkscrew water slide that led into the cold water jacuzzi grotto. How would you get back to the top of the clubhouse after riding down the slide you ask? Ladder? Ha! No way. A water pipe that constantly push water upwards like a geyser. You step into the stream and whoosh, back up top. What? C’mon I was like 7.

Whatever, enjoy the commercial.

Watch this Dinky Donuts Cereal Commercial

If memory serves me right, I entered this contest. As a kid, I entered most contests, especially if they were on cereal boxes. I didn’t win (big surprise).

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