Electronic Battleship


Growing up, I had a friend who I loved to play Battleship with. We played it at least once a week together for a year. Naturally when we heard about Electronic Battleship, we both put it on our birthday and Christmas lists. He was the lucky one who received it for this birthday and I ran over to play it immediately. We must have played it a dozen times that day and the next day and the next.

Then something I did not expect happened. He got tired of playing Battleship. From that day forward, I could never get him to play and I never figured out what pushed him over the edge. He was probably just tired of it. The problem was, I wasn’t and so I would nag him to play until one day he told me he had given away his copy of Electronic Battleship.

I would later find out this wasn’t true when we were going to play the game of life at his house and their was Electronic Battleship clear as day sitting on the shelf. I never said anything about Battleship to him after that.

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  1. blinddog

    I don’t believe I’ve ever played electronic battleship and now I want too. I remember playing regular battleship a lot but never this version. I’ll add it to my to do list: Find Electronic Battleship, locate someone else who wants to play Electronic Battleship, and play it.

  2. Derek

    Electronic Stratego was better 🙂

  3. ThePeterson

    I remember programming that thing at the start of the game was painful.

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