Empire Carpet Man Elmer Lynn Hauldren has Passed Away

Thanks to Patrick for sending this over to us earlier today. I lived in the Chicago area for a bit and became very familiar with Empire Carpet commercials and jingle and anyone else who heard them and especially grew up hearing them might be saddened to hear that the voice of Empire Carpet himself, Elmer Lynn Hauldren has passed away at the age of 89. Here is the full story at the Chicago Sun Times.

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  1. SmashHansen

    This man was a local treasure here in Chicagoland. Everybody around here knows the jingle and can finish singing it just by hearing the first note. The man made advertisements for Empire over the course of many, many years, often televised during wrestling shows, science fiction, monster movies and weekend/late night “fluff” serialized television. He was beloved by so many and he will be missed.

    Anecdote: A major band came to town and the lead singer paused between songs to tell everyone he had spent a lot of time in Chicago. Many up front did not believe him, so he said “Here, I’ll prove it…” and he proceeds to do the Empire jingle, upon which the crowd lit up in an uproar. Good times.

  2. Payton

    I’ve love his ads and just saw one last week. He had a great voice that really was able to get your attention.

  3. djinniman

    I watched WGN on cable quite a bit as a kid. I taped several movies from WGN, including the 60s Batman and Predator, and of course there were commercials. I think I still remember the number…

    588-2300. Empire!

  4. Kurt

    As djinniman said, this brings back great memories of watching WGN when I was growing up. I think we even had Empire install carpet in my room when I was in elementary school. Good times.

  5. patrick j doody

    My older brother was just lamenting that when he ordered Empire carpeting for his home in Schaumburg, the Empire Carpet man did not come to install it.

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