Empire Strikes Back Cake Pans

When I go to garage sales I am always on the lookout for Star Wars themed cake pans. I have only seen one in my life in the wild and unfortunately the owner had a very strong sense of its worth. This very cool scan was sent in by dijital101 who found it in an old Wilton Cake catalog. A real gem of an ad, for an exciting piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

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  1. Flack

    One of the flea markets near me as an R2 pan and a Vader pan for sale. They’re marked $60/each and they’ve been there for years. I should ask if they’ll take less.

  2. The Retroist

    That is a bit high, but I have seen them get that high in perfect condition in online bidding. Chase the deal.

  3. plaidman76

    I just saw some MIP plastic Star Wars tablecloths at an antique shop the other day for 5 bucks each…they must have had 20 of them. Maybe I should go back and get some so I can plan the ultimate Star Wars Birthday that I never got when I was 6….

  4. The Retroist

    Have you stumbled across any of the pans for a good price plaidman?

  5. plaidman76

    I haven’t, but I’ll keep my eyes’ out for any. I’ve seen them on Ebay too, but they sometimes get a little pricey for my liking at times.

    These aren’t the Prices I’m looking for.
    (These aren’t the Prices I’m looking for….)

  6. dijital101

    There are usually several of these on ebay but the prices are excessive. I did just find a Boba Fett pan on there but it’s $100.

  7. VicSage

    Is…is that Darth Vader cake made out of carpet? What the heck kind of chocolate did they use that looks like that?!

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