Enjoy some 1978 Space Fun with this episode of NOVA “Final Frontier”

As a kid, any day at school where we got to watch a movie or a video of any kind, was a good day. I had a Math teacher who was obsessed with the Space Program and the Shuttles in particular. He was the first one to show us this amazing episode of PBS’s NOVA, “The Final Frontier”, but he was not the last. He had recorded it off TV and his copy of the tape must have made it into our schools library of things to show in classic, because for the next few years I saw this wonderful show AT LEAST once a year, often more.

The program begins with a great ode to Star Trek with some footage of the new shuttle, Enterprise. Then they describes the commercial possibilities arising from the capabilities of the Space Shuttle Enterprise, such as extraterrestrial mining and construction, solar power stations and space colonies. Much of it was pie in the sky and I loved every minute of it.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch the whole episode online. Enjoy.

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