For the Love of French Bread Pizza

I grew up in a town with a lot of pizza parlors. Pizza was such a common occurrence that we very rarely bought the frozen variety and we did it was usually some cheap rectangle pizza. I would see these Stouffers French Bread Pizza commercials all the time and when we passed those red boxes in the supermarket I was always curious. But every time I asked for them, I was rebuffed.

“That isn’t real pizza!” They would tell me, as they pulled them out of the cart and put them back into the freezer section. My curiosity continued to grow until one day I took the money I was saving for an action figure and bought myself some Stouffers French Bread Pizza.

It was like a frozen revelation. Not as good as regular pizza, but so much better than the frozen junk we had been buying. From that point on, I would insist upon french bread pizza. This pattern of pizza eating has continued into my adult life. I usually make my own (it ain’t very difficult), but occasionally I will buy a box of Stouffers. With extra-cheese of course. After all, why should I skimp on myself with anything less than an “extra” amount of cheese.

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  1. ddsw

    I disagree: French bread pizza IS real pizza. This stuff was definitely a lot better than that Ellio’s junk.

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