Freezy Freakies are Back!

For those who do not know about them, Freezy Freakies were gloves that changed when exposed to the cold. So you would be in your house all nice and warm, you put on your glove to go out with your friends and suddenly a cool pattern or image appears on the glove that was not there. I still own a pair of Freezy Freakies, but now that I am an adult, they no longer fit me. Up until just last week I didn’t think I would ever wear a pair again, but thanks to Kickstarter and the folks at the Buffoonery Factory, adult-sized Freezy Freakies will soon be available again.

They are offering 4 designs to begin with and a pair will run you $29 (+$5 shipping) via Kickstarter (which has already reached its goal). You can choose from: Unicorn, Turbo, Ski Alpine and Fighter Jet. I am, of course, going Unicorn which is also a Pegasus!


Pretty cool right? This is a unique opportunity to reclaim a little bit of your childhood and look awesome doing it. So why not head over to Kickstarter and get onboard.

Thanks to Chris for sending this my way.

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  1. metagirl

    Now this is a Kickstarter that’s worth supporting! I don’t particularly love any of these designs — I miss the snake-like scales of my youth — but I’m sure I could make a selection to support the cause.

  2. The Retroist

    How could you not love the flying Unicorn? So much rainbow!

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