Friday meant it was time for Shake’n Bake!

Photo via Roadsidepictures
Photo via Roadsidepictures

The town I grew up in had a reputation for its plentiful animal slaughterhouses before I was born. By the time I cam along, there were very few left, but the ones that did exist allowed you to pick up meat at reduced prices. They could also seriously traumatize you if you went through the wrong door or went on a “tour”. A few times a year we would load up on supplies and then it was meat-filled meals for a month or two after that.

It was all good, but Friday was especially special, because that was the day that we would get Shake’n Bake ! I loved the stuff, sometimes so much that I would eat the delicious breading first and then I would be forced to sit and finish my naked meat under protest. I do not do Shake’n Bake Fridays anymore (Fridays belong to Pizza), but I did miss the smell of it and I have thought about reviving it. Has anyone ever tried this stuff on Pizza?

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  1. You could probably create a corn meal type of crust with it… the Italian Herb shake n bake probably would not be too bad….

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