Frogs and Flies

Frogs and Flies, with its adorable graphics and engaging 2 player game is one the most underrated titles for the Atari 2600. The game was originally made by Mattel for their Intellivision as “Frog Bog”, but 2600 fans should be happy that they decided to makes this title available for another system. I have played the game on both system and the control method on the Atari just feels superior, although the graphics are better on the Intellivision.

In the game each player controls a frog who must jump between 2 lilly-pads while trying to catch flies with their tongue. How you move the joystick determines how high or far you jump and if you estimate wrong you will wind up in the pond. Don’t worry the, your frog will jump out of the water and you can start all over again. The person who snags the most flies wins.

Why so fun? Well the fly movement is erratic which makes it a challenge and you really need to get a feel for the game to make each jump count. Plus it is hilarious when your fellow player keeps landing in the water. As a bonus they tweaked the game to add some tension via a darkening screen that indicates that evening is approaching (Sounds ribbiting… sorry – Ed). At the end of the game a fly pulls out a card that says “The End” and crickets can be heard in the background. Absolutely magical.

While you can play this game in single player mode, why would you? The opportunity for trash talk is high and the game is a great group activity. That is why I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Gameplay Video

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