Fruity Pebbles Coin Purse and a Classic Ad

Being a very masculine young boy I of course carried around a change purse. I did this for two reasons. I needed a place to hold the copious amount of quarters I needed to master Mr. Do AND his Wild Ride and I enjoyed being beaten up. Usually I got the change purse from some re-purposed toy accessory or when I was lucky, from a cereal box. My fave change purse came from the Fruity Pebbles people, of course. I had the handsome Dino one pictured in the center of the ad above.

Their are so many reasons to love Fruity Pebbles. It has consistently offered great premiums, it has awesome commercials and to top it all off it is a mighty tasty cereal. Here is a compilation of Fruity Pebble commercials.

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