G.I. Joe Commando Attack Board Game

The G.I. Joe Commando Attack board game by Hasbro came out in 1985 and it was on all my circle of friends’ Christmas lists. My friend who lived around the corner got a copy and it became an obsession up through the summer of 1986 for all of us.

It wasn’t the most complicated game, and much of the game mechanics are based on luck through the roll of dice, but it had enough decision-making to make it just challenging enough for a bunch of hardcore Joe collectors. In the game you moved your pieces across the board trying to defeat your enemies and capture objectives. Even though the pieces were cardboard, they were great looking pieces, because they featured the figure package art for each character.

As an added bonus, the bases could also be used to support the actual action figures, so not only could you use them in this game, but you could use the base to help hold up your figures when playing around in the yard.

Here was the commercial that really won us over to the game…Go Joe!

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