GamePro TV

GamePro TV was a syndicated weekly video game TV show that ran from 1991 through 1992. The show was hosted by J. D. Roth and briefly with co-host Brennan Howard, each episode focused mostly on the 16-bit video game systems of the early 1990s (NES, Super NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16). The show had lots of opportunity for viewer participation through viewer mail and submitted tips and tricks. Sadly this was not a recipe for success and the show was canceled.

After cancellation the series was briefly reborn as a paid advertisement program. This time with just J. D. Roth as host. The program would run for a half hour, but was mainly and advertisement for GamePro Magazine. This version of the show only lasted for a few months. GamePro TV was no more.

This ad from GamePro was meant to help get the word out:

gamepro tv

If you never had the chance to watch it in its initial run, here is what you missed out on:

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  1. Danimal

    JD Roth also hosted “Fun House” on Nickelodeon…loved that show.

    Funny thing is I was watching “The Biggest Loser” on NBC last week and in the credits in the begining, I saw it was produced by a “JD Roth” so I checked on Wikipedia and sure enough, it’s the same guy.

  2. Danimal

    As for co-host Brennan Howard, I’m pretty sure he served me at McDonalds this afternoon.

  3. Mary

    I just love J.D.! He actually wrote me an autograph to me once. It was during Walt Disney World Inside Out. He sent me 2 autographs that year. The year was 1996, and i wrote to J.D. saying that i loved his show “Fun House”,and i had a Fun House computer game at home and my favorite shape is a Heart, then when i got the autograph that day after school. I was screaming out loud that my heart was about to pop! He wrote me ” Mary-Stay Cute-J.D. Roth!” I was very happy that we’re in love! (sigh) I still love him right to this very day. But on one condition, i like him better without the glasses.

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