Gamescience Dice are back in Production!

Gamescience started releasing dice several months ago, but recently Lou Zocchi and is legendary dice company have started to release the classic colors and professionally inked numbers that have made this company so well-respected. I had considered writing about this a few months ago, but I was patiently waiting for the production line to really get cranking, but now new colors and styles are being released every week. It is a great time to be a gamer!

So do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a setup of a set of dice that are as iconic as the game they are used.

Visit Gamescience Dice Online and/or Follow them on Facebook.

Note: If you wan to buy me a set, I will be happy to take them 🙂

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  1. RamblinGrump

    Need to pick up more Zocchi dice for the monthly DCC game.

  2. Payton

    I love them and highly recommend Gamescience to everyone. They’re the only polyhedron dice that stop on a dime.

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