Get Shakey’s Pizza Salad Bar for 99 Cents


At some point in the 1980s my family became obsessed with places that has Salad Bars. Being younger than everyone else in my household, I was not yet completely on board the “vegetables are awesome” train. Which was okay since the salad bar usually cost a little extra and my family enjoyed the savings they got from me opting out of the experience. That was the way things were until I discovered that I liked pineapple and that many salad bars often had fruit bars.

From that point on, if they did have a salad bar I would beg my mom to let me participate. Then I would load up a plate with pineapple and eat it until I was so stuffed and borderline sick, that I would not be able to eat my meal. Eventually they forced me to “earn” my pineapple, by eating other vegetable and even then I was only allowed a few pieces of my sweet sweet reward.

I never ate at a Shakey’s Pizza, but with a salad bar with fruit for only 99 cents, I would have happily partook and if my Mom wasn’t keeping a close eye on me, I would have cleaned out their selection of the king of fruits.

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  1. Dudley88

    Wow, I haven’t been to a Shakey’s in about 30 years. We used to go to one in Iron Mountain, Michigan, usually for birthday parties. I wasn’t into salad bars at that time, but I enjoyed their pizza. Also, they had a bunch of arcade games. Good times.

  2. Joe

    In the 70’s and 80’s in the Seattle area Shakey’s was huge. It was the only place I got to go for Pizza. It was usually only on my birthday and I would stuff myself so full of pizza I would get sick.

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