Get the Full Pac-Man Experience on the Atari 2600 with Pac-Man 4K

I logged a lot of time on the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man. Yes, it was lackluster. Yes, it felt rushed, but it was Pac-Man! Pac-Man that I did not have to put quarters into! While I am a staunch defender of that version of Pac-Man for the joy it gave me. I have completely abandoned that version for Pac-Man 4K!

Programmed by Dennis Debro, who sought to create an adaptation of Pac-Man more faithful than Atari’s 1982 version for the VCS, the game does a great job while still only using the 4K memory limit as the original. It is a wonder to behold…

Some of the features that Debro managed to put into this version that were lacking in the original:

  • Original, arcade maze layout
  • Proper “siren” sound that changes pitch
  • Monsters are proper colors
  • Maze is correct colors
  • Pac-Man and Ghost graphics much truer to arcade
  • Monster behavior modeled after arcade
  • Bonus items true to arcade

It really is amazing and what is more amazing is that you can pick it up in cartridge form from AtariAge for only 25 bucks! That is significantly less than what I paid for the original back in 1982. Order soon and you will get a limited edition Pac-Man 4K magnet with your purchase.

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  1. mwentworth

    I played it at PRGE and it is worth every penny!! Soon, “Space Rocks” will be released and it will really blow your mind; it plays so much better than 2600 Asteroids, plus between selecting presentation style, bonus options, physics and more, there are more than 21,000 game variations!

  2. Paul

    Okay, I might have to pick this up and dust off the old 2600 too.

  3. John McCormick

    Sadly the sound effects from the old version still haunt me. I remember hearing them as generic video game sounds in television shows and movies.

  4. Doug

    Too awesome for words. I, too, logged countless hours on Pac-Man 2600. If it had been this version, those hours would have been much, much better.

  5. Payton

    Wow! This would have been a huge success on the 2600. Great job.

  6. Atari Adventure Square

    Holy Pac-ness! *That’s* how you adapt the classic gobbling game to the 2600.
    It’s so great that we’re still getting proof of the console capabilities, decades after its shining moments.

    Love that packaging.

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