Get your Atari 2600 System for $179.99 at Hornes

$179.99 still sounds like a lot of money to me, but back in the 1970s/early 1980s it sounded impossibly high. This of course did not prevent me from cutting out ad after ad from newspapers and circulars and leaving them around the home to “entice” my Mom into buying one for the family. Yes, now I realize how annoying that must have been, but since my allowance was going to make getting Atari impossible, this not-too-subtle begging seemed my best chance of getting the gaming system of my dreams.

Eventually it would work and we would get one. My Mother assured me it had nothing to do with all the little ads, but a decade later I found out that she had held onto every one of them.

Which should be a reminder that even though kids can do cute things, parents can also be adorable sometimes.


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  1. Dex (@Dex1138)

    It comes with the Combat cartridge, but we’re going to show Outlaw on the TV in the ad 😉

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