Get Your Elvis Movie Cartridges??

This ad is from 1978 and it caught my eye because of Elvis, but it is so much more interesting when you look at the details. Almost 100 bucks for an Elvis film is a lot of cash, but pretty normal for the time. What I find most interesting is the term “movie cartridges”. I have never heard a retailer calling them cartridges, than below they call them cassettes. That made me wonder if this was an advert for something I did not know about? Something like the Elcaset, but I don’t think so. I think they were just all over the place on their terms. The late 1970s were magical times.

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  1. RetroArt

    The phrase “movie cartridges” made me instantly think of actual closed cartridges of film reels like those little toy movie viewers Kenner use to put out. I know that there was such a “movie cartridge” technology in the 70s for ease of use by business professionals’ presentations but the cartridges were small in size and couldn’t possibly hold the amount of 16mm or Super 8mm film needed for those Elvis movie runtimes.
    These “movie cartridges” were good, ol’ VHS cassettes priced at the then going price of $100 a pop!

  2. angela(toao)

    I worked at a (mom ‘n pop) video rental place that offered a special: a VHS player, a VHS recorder and a dubbing cable for $10 or something like that.

    At least half of the time when this setup was put on reserve it also included the Evil Dead movies. Our copies were in AWFUL shape but I could never convince the owners to shell out for replacements, despite the steady money they brought in.

    With our DVDs, Blu-rays and streaming I’d have to argue that NOW is a magical time and everything before was the Dark Ages. (But I loved them anyway. 🙂

  3. plcary

    Angela, I loved them too. Two more video rental stores just closed in my city. The physical act of browsing through titles at a video store may soon be completely lost. I love the term movie cartridges.

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