Get your Holidays going with some Pillsbury Christmas Cookies


Every December my family would gather in the kitchen to make Christmas cookies. We always made these same butter cookies that would turn hard as a rock if not eaten in 48 hours. Which meant eating them quickly or soaking them in milk anytime after their two day lifespan.

My job was to decorate the cookies with colored sugar which I did with gusto. My secondary job was to grab cookie batter when no was looking and eat it until by the end of the night I was totally cookie sick, which I did with even more gusto.

We were always so eager to make the cookies that by the second week of December, they were almost always made and gone. Instead of making another batch of cookies, which was super messy and time-consuming, we usually shifted to store-bought cookies or a Pillsbury dough log. We could easily go through a log a night, so my mother was careful with making sure that we knew that once the two or three logs she bought were gone, that was it. Needless to say, we almost never had any cookies around by Christmas Eve.

Every cookie we ever made was round, just cut off the log, but in this ad you can see all the magical shapes you could make by cutting up circles of dough and reshaping them.

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  1. Max Power

    Poppin’ Fresh – I owe my fine physique to your tubes of triple-bleached goo!

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