GI Joe Action Stars Cereal Commercial


In the 1980s, when GI Joe-mania was still had a young America in its clutches, Ralston Purina released GI Joe Action Stars Cereal. It was pretty tasty, but I found its jagged shape did more damage to the roof of my mouth than Cap’n Crunch. You would think that would stop me from pressuring my Mom to buy me it, but of course it did not. No pain! No Gain! And I wanted nothing more than to spend my afternoons watching GI Joe, playing with GI Joe and eating GI Joe. I know that sounds weird, but it is too true to change.

I wanted to be the kid in the commercial who lived an exciting double life. School kid and GI Joe soldier all in one. What bothered me about this commercial is that the kid is obviously spotted by Cobra while trying to sneak past the guard and nothing happens. What gives? I would have never gotten caught and if I was, I would have used my kung fu grip to lay a hurtin’ on anyone in my path.

How could a little kid take on full sized Cobra adult? I was fueled by GI Joe Action Stars Cereal!

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  1. gazbot

    Ridiculous! the kid couldn’t fly off without a jetpack no matter how full of stars he was!

  2. The Cosmic Joker

    Man. If only my trips to the breakfast table could be packed with such raw adventure.

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