Glazed Ceramic Snoopy Bank

When I was kid I would go to see this old barber for my bi-monthly haircuts. Somehow he picked up on the fact that I was big Snoopy fan and after a cut one day he gave me a painting of Snoopy he had made himself. That painting was on my wall until I graduated High School and I still own it today. I had not thought of the painting for a couple of years and then when I was browsing Hake’s this morning I stumbled across this glazed Snoopy Bank and it all came back to me. The elongated nose and early Snoopy shape is a throwback and it matches the style of my painting.

According to Hake’s:

3.5x7x8.75” tall. Vertical coin slot in back of head. Underside marked “SA53 COOP. Italy” with flower mark/symbol. c. 1960s. Nicely detailed eyes, mouth, paws, dog collar and tail. Plastic trap at bottom. Nicely done. Very scarce and Exc. One of the best vintage figural Snoopy items. A Peanuts classic.

Glazed Ceramic Snoopy Bank [@] Hake’s

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