Glowing Candy Wrappers

I bought chocolate bars thinking they would glow. If I only read the fine print I would have realized that they are in fact haunted!


Buying a good selection of Trick or Treat candy is always fun. Usually the selection down the candy aisle of the local supermarket is so large that I have to spend hours weighing my buying decision. Should I buy a classic flavor favorite like the Milky Way if should I try something with a retro flair like say Mike and Ikes or Mary Janes. This Halloween, thanks to a certain green Ogre, the answer was simple…Glow in the Dark Candy.

I was so excited when I found these I almost knocked over some lady buying Halloween Goldfish when I lunged at them. Of course I didn’t bother reading the fine print. Its not glowing candy, but glowing wrappers on the candy. Oh well typical me. Glowing anything is better then not glowing. Am I right? I bought two bags, Twix and the Milky Ways.



See the giant Shrek on the bag? Well after careful examination I noticed the word Halloween doesn’t appear anywhere on the bag. Isn’t it great when marketing and real life coincide?

I did some testing on the glow. You have to leave the candy under a light for about 10 minutes for optimal glow. Sadly my camera could not capture the glow, no matter how close I got to the wrappers. I even tried to to put the candy in a big pile and let it charge for 20 minutes under a desk lamp (which of course melted the chocolate).


Every picture I took in the dark came out as just black, but a strange thing happened when I turned the lights back on.


Usually at this point in the movie I always wonder why the people haven’t fled the house, but c’mon this is just candy. Not like the walls are bleeding. So I grabbed a lamp melted Twix, sat down on the carpet and began chatting with my haunted pile of candy. We talked all through the night and I fell asleep while chomping on a Milky Way. The next morning when I woke up I believe all was forgiven. Although I still can’t find my dog…

Wrapper Wrap-up (awesome)
So the candy doesn’t glow and the wrappers only kind of glow. So what! This candy is haunted! Take care and beware, when you are out for Trick or Treats this Halloween. Use caution when handling the candy with the Ogre on the back. Your pile of candy might not be so forgiving as mine.

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