This free Golden Age Superman Comic is absolutely stunning

This free Golden Age Superman Comic is absolutely stunning

Adrien van Viersen is a lifelong Superman Fan and storyboard artist with some nice superhero bonafides. He has done work on X2, X3, Game of Thrones, and The Flash. This week though he turned he released a project about Golden Age Superman.

It is a wonderfully written and well-illustrated take on the Man of Steel set during the 1930’s. How did Superman get his golden age costume? Why does Clark Kent wear glasses? Adrien spins a wonderful tale with delightful artistry that cries out to be printed. Want a peek? Check out this trailer for the work.

Golden Age Superman Comic Trailer

Looks pretty good right? So where do you get your hands on this free comic?

The comic is available from Adrien van Viersen for free and comes in standard comic book and mobile formatting. I have read it multiple times and the thing I come away with both times is that this story has heart. It also captures the innocence that we often project into the golden age era with just a hint of modern sensibilities.

While I am satisfied with this as a one-shot. It left me wanting A LOT more. Now that I have seen Kent transform into Superman, I need to know what happens next and I am sure you will feel the same. So head on over to van Viersen’s site and download a copy and make sure you tell your friends. Supporting works like this can give brave storytellers a chance to work with an iconic brand.

And if you like what you see, van Viersen has a blog. It is filled with Easter Eggs from the comic and fun facts about his reasoning, inspiration, and fandom.