Goldiggers Jeans for Young Girls


The 70s were an amazing time for toys, TV and even children’s fashions. Or so I thought. While I grew up wearing Garanimals and Wranglers, the children of the Disco Jet Set and Studio 54 crowd were wearing Goldiggers Jeans. Thats right… Goldiggers.

I ask you, why encourage your little girl to grow up and take care of herself? It’s much easier for her to find herself a rich Sugar Daddy and dig for gold. Thankfully the commercial doesn’t feature young girls hitting on older men, but it is disturbing nonetheless.

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  1. Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss in San Francisco during the mid 1800s to protect your legs from the rough conditions faced when MINING FOR GOLD IN THE CALIFORNIA MOUNTAINS.

    Back in the ’70s when people weren’t stupid, they might have known that. Did you even stop to consider that the term “golddigger” might not have meant what it means today? That was THIRTY FIVE years ago.

    I’m 23 years old.

  2. Yes I considered that, but I thought since these were “goldiggers” and not “gold diggers”, that they were referring to the slang form of the term. As a person who grew up in the 1970s I can tell you people have always been stupid..even in the 70s.

    Thanks for the comment though, I like the feedback.

  3. The fact that blue jeans were made for digging gold is more than a “consideration”, it’s prime facie the truth and the end of the argument.

    I mean… come on.

  4. i had 2 pairs of goldigger jeans and was just so proud! anyone else remember the little gold bars at the end of the zippers that were on the back pockets??? lol

  5. I too had the fantastic gold digger jeans. In fact, I bet my mom still has them in the attic since she never throws anything away. I’ve got to pay her a visit and reclaim my jeans. With the high price of gold these days, I wonder if I could melt down the gold bars at the end of the zippers and make a few bucks. I loved those gold bars, my young butt gleamed in the sunlight.

  6. Forgot about this post. Thanks for bringing it back to the frontpage via comments. I put the commercial up to another site and it is now live in the post again. Hope you enjoy.

  7. Yes I remember my goldigger jeans and the gold bars on the back pockets. My sister and I were were ecstatic when we go our first pair of “designer” jeans. I also had Jet Set jeans if anyone can recall. Can we bring them back, please!

  8. oh boy! i am so happy i found this post, i think you’re the only one on the web who has written anything about these jeans! my friend said, “anderson cooper’s mother is gloria vanderbilt!” sure enough, she’s right. so all these photos of jeans came up when i tried to find a photo of her to see if andy got his good looks for the poor little rich girl. then i’m like, wait a minute, GOLDIGGERS! i loved those bars! we were russian jewish immigrants in the bronx in 1980 so we were broke — now you KNOW those jeans meant the world to me when i was 10 or 11 when we got them in 81 or 82. my little sister vera and i were so happy to have them! we also got little jordache purses — remember them? they were basically on a long string that you could wear off your shoulder or –most likely–accross your short little torso. speaking of the NAME of the jeans, i have a feeling the ppl who chose the name were going for tongue in cheek value of gold digger and gold diggers, if you know what i mean. lol.

  9. Across the river in NJ, these jeans were also very popular around that time. I wonder if they scored big outside the tri-state area?

    I keep checking ebay for a pair – even run down. I just want the gold bar as a keepsake,

  10. I’m so happy I found this page!!! I LOVED my golddigger jeans so much & yes that gold bar on the zipper was the best!!! I would love it if these jeans made a comeback hehehe I remember the lil jordache purses too!!! :@)

  11. Retroist –

    Would you have the original source for this commercial? Where did you find it? I’m doing a documentary on Halston, and would love to include this!



  12. Whitney – The original I have is from old VHS (not the highest quality).

  13. Hi –

    Sorry, just checked this, so I’m sorry for delayed response.

    Would love to get a copy of that VHS. Could I pay you for one? And we could send you a copy of a 1980 Gloria Vanderbilt jeans ad we came across. if you could, call me:

    310 502 1423

    Thank you!!!


  14. Hey, anyway we could work out a deal to get a VHS copy of Golddiggers jeans ad? Thank you!

  15. This feels so familiar, I must have saw it as a kid.

  16. The opening scene and the theme music is so familiar. Wow!

  17. Any idea if video of auditions for this commercial would still be around?? I remember being at maybe almeda mall(texas) when i was little and they had auditions me and my cousin tried out just for fun…didnt make it to commercial but woul dbe fun to look back and see us auditioning!!:) thanks!!:)

  18. retrokid. i loved those jeans. i remember someone stole them from the neighborhood laundromat. i was pissed. LOL

  19. Retroist, you are doing the world and the Internet and every girl of the late 70s a HUGE service by posting this video! What a relief to finally see this commercial and to read about other women who, as girls, also loved those little bars. I actually wore both Garanimals and Goldiggers, as well as Health Tex, Rugger, Carter’s and even some Lacoste and Polo thrown into the mix…most bought at discount. Oh, those “gold” bars. Thank you thank you thank you! I posted it on my blog…

  20. OMG! I was 5 years old when I rocked those Goldigger Jeans with the little gold bar on the zipper. I remember them like it was yesterday. And, like “Metagirl”, my Mom saves everything and I’m going to check the attic for them!

  21. I remember these jeans because I tried out for this commercial as a very young kid. They gave us all Gold Digger gold bar charm necklaces. I wish I still had mine.

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