Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013

What a crazy year 2012 has been. The site, because of a dedicated and I assume attractive user base, continues to grow at a sometimes alarming rate. In the past years I have been forced to upgrade the site usually once towards the end of the year, but this year was a little different. The site has gone through four upgrades already and I am pretty sure might need another one in the new year. It is hard to know how well your website will do when you start publishing, you can only hope that people will like what you are doing. You can also pretend that you do not care how many people visit your site, but when you are putting stuff out there, it is very satisfying to see people show up. So thanks to everyone who reads this site on a regular basis or is just clicking through from a search.

Of course the site is not just me alone anymore. A solid group of retro fanatics are submitting to the site everyday. Let me start off with Vic Sage who has now been on the site for a couple of years as both author, editor and all around awesome guy. For a while it was just Vic and I putting up stuff here, but that is not the case anymore. We get regular posts from Rob “Flack” O’Hara. Doug McCoy, Drahken, Atari Adventure Square, CarlosTheDwarf, Daniel Th1rte3n, vinvectrex, retrojustin, Brian Boone, blinddog, TheSixMillionDollarJedi, Patrick Doody, Professor Brian Oblivion, Ernio Hernandez, metagirl, Morgan Wentworth, Joshua Caleb, Rick Doherty, Sean Hartter, shakin steak and many many more. I want to thank everyone who posts on the site because it gives me an opportunity to enjoy the site as a reader, which is really fun for me. I also want to invite people to submit to the site for 2013. It is as easy as emailing me at

This was the year that the podcast moved solidly into the 3 digit space. 28 new episodes were made this year and while that is a smaller number than the year before I am very happy with the direction of the show. Not only did we have some fun “Special” episodes, but 3 contributors have been making their mark on the show now. Vic Sage, Rob O’Hara and Doug McCoy have been contributing segments for months now and join metagirl as show regulars. Of course, behind the scenes, Peachy continues to deliver music for the show and punching things up. He has been releasing music of his own on a regular basis and I am pretty sure in 2013 we will see a Peachy 8-bit album (original music!). That will be very exciting.

In 2013 we will have a bunch of new shows. I think maybe even a few more than this year. If you are a listener please help spread the word about the show and if you download it from a place like iTunes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give the show a rating and/or review.

The Forum came back to life this year and as of last week in 2013 will be completely sponsored by its readers. So if you want to join in the discussion head on over and tell use what you enjoy or dislike about nostalgia or perhaps just what you miss.

If forums are not your thing, the Retroist Facebook page continues to offer a fun place to interact with your fellow lovers of nostalgia. Plus you get stuff there that you will not see here on the site. It has grown rapidly this year, as has the site’s Twitter. So stop by and like or follow The Retroist (that’s the site retroist, not the me retroist).

So what else in 2013? I have been playing around with other nostalgia fun, including spin-off site ideas and an android app. I am not sure either of them will work out or be any good, but one of the things I enjoy about the internet is that if you have the time and the ability, it never hurts to try. So look for more info about these things in the upcoming months along with new posts, shows and contributors.

In 2012 I digitized 200 hours of retro TV and have made 1250 retro scans, this joins a huge amount of material that is just sitting around on computers in my office. None of these things made it onto the site for some reason or another, so in 2013 I am hoping to tap into that material (instead of just digitally hoarding it).

On a serious note, this is the first year that I spent without my Mother who I lost last year. She is the one above everyone in my life who instilled in me an appreciation for nostalgia. This site exists largely because of her. She was an occasional commenter here on the site and a regular reader/listener. We often talked about the site and she enjoyed reading the contribution of others and relishing in their memories. I miss her tremendously. It is her memory that gets me up extra early in the morning to work on posts and to give up sleep to edit the podcast. I love doing this site and show, but I would happily delete the entire thing for one more conversation with her.

So in 2013 please remember to make the most out of every moment with the people around you. Time flies, so make some great memories and if you have some spare moments come here and share them. Goodbye 2012…thanks for everything.

Hello 2013!!

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  1. Charlton Hero

    Nice tribute to your Mother. Your work is truely appreciated and enjoy. Keep em coming and raise a glass for your Mom in 2013!

  2. Daniel Th1rte3n

    Your mention of your Mother’s passing had great relevance to me. As you know (and the readers did not up until this point), I lost both my Grandmother and Father within months of each other early last year. Writing for the site has been a welcome respite from the emotions that were the result of this. So in a way, the site has been a form of therapy this year I suppose. But as we enter a new year, I’m ready to move forward, while still delivering the same brand of nonsense that has become synonymous with the name Daniel Th1rte3n!

  3. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    Happy New Year to you! Thank for you keeping the site and podcasts going.

  4. Stiggy

    Happy New Year guys and many thanks for putting together such a wonderful collection of retro-awesome-ness which I’ve enjoyed every day for much of last year and looking forward to spending another with you.

    Keep it up

    Kind regards


  5. Doug

    Don’t know how many years I’ve been following the Retroist now (it’s at least three). Thanks for being a repository of my favorite things and for being so generous in sharing not only the blog but the podcast with a hack like me. I appreciate your good words about your mother and again offer my sympathies, and I hope for many more years of retro goodness for us all.

  6. Todd

    Happy New Year to one of my favorite sites! Thanks for always bringing the retro-goodness! All the best in 2013!!

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    I wish everybody here (and everywhere) a happy new year and a wonderful 2013!

    Much warm thoughts and cool retrospectives always awaits on The Retroist site.
    No wonder folks are gathering and enjoying the sights and words.

    I joined up a few years ago, still hurting from the loss of my father and the last link to my younger self.
    I wanted to engage my inner childhood memories via the wonderful, like-minded people here, and was happily greeted with open arms and valued discussions of the things, toys, ideas, and imagination that make us fun-lovin’ human.
    I’m here for life, now.

    I thank you and your family for offering us a space where we can return to that exploration of innocence, that period of discovery of life’s many colors, and basically, give out that comfortable feeling you get when you first go into a new friend’s house – a bit nervous and insecure – and are greeted with freshly-baked cookies, chocolate milk, and new carts to try out on his VCS console.

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