Hardee’s Marvel Comics 3-D Theatre Kids Meal


If I needed another compelling reason to go to Hardee’s in the 1980s, the Marvel Comics 3-D Theatre Kids Meals would be it. You get your Theatre with the purchase of a kid’s meal and it came with, in addition to a delicious meal, a box that doubled as a 3-D Theatre. As you will see in this commercial, that means that you got a printed comic that you pulled through a slot while looking at it through built-in red and blue 3-D glasses.

A lot to love in this ad, you have a very eighties looking Hardee’s and a nephew/uncle combo in matching silver jackets sitting down for a meal. Then before they can say “excelsior”, a crop of Marvel’s finest hop out of the box and ask who got the 3-D meal. This is my favorite moment of the entire ad, because the Uncle, who is obviously a fan cannot resist telling Spider-Man that he bought the meal (even though it was his nephew’s meal). That is totally what I would do. My second favorite moments comes right after this when Hulk starts lifting the box for no reason.

The perfect commercial for a wonderful fast food premium. Well done, Hardee’s.

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  1. Hayden Yale

    These are cool, I’d love to see McDonalds run with the 3D theatre concept now! What we need are the original designs so that we can print them out fresh 🙂

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