Hi-C Peach is Just Peachy

Can you imagine how excited the advertising folks were when they got the memo about peach flavored Hi-C? They probably sketched a couple of “Peachy” slogans up that afternoon and then played golf for the rest of the month. Good times. I personally was never a fan of the stuff. My flavors are grape and orange, but my sisters would always manage to get a can or two into the grocery rotation every month.

I think they would make mock cocktails with this stuff and Orange Juice. At least I think it was mock. Hmmm, come to think of it, no wonder those Sunday breakfasts got so raucous.

Unfortunately Hi-C Peach didn’t last. While I didn’t like it straight, it was too intense, it mixed really well with other flavor and was really good when watered down with a ton of ice.

In 1977, this ad offered a coupon that would have gotten you 15 cents off. For that time, this was a pretty good deal.

Hi-C Peach Ad with Coupon

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  1. Captain Chesapeake

    Hi C peach was wonderful.

  2. The Retroist

    I was about to type this, “I found it too sweet”. Which of course is silly since orange and grape were just as sweet (maybe more so?) It was probably just my preference and having to do without another can of grape that shaded my opinion of peach. If they revived it, I would give it another shot.

  3. metagirl

    Can’t say that I ever had the peach…frankly, I didn’t know that it existed, but agree that it might be nice with some OJ and vodka.

    What I do remember is Hi-C grape in a can. One of my favorite things as a kid was to have it warm as soon as my mom and I returned from the Pennington Market. I loved warm grape Hi-C. This disturbed my mother who though it would be better refrigerated…what did she know, she was an adult. I only needed her to help with the punch can opener. The best was the warm Hi-C grape served in the plastic container molded like a bunch of grapes that we had from a visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. I had grape and orange shaped containers…each with green tops with allowances for a small straw. The best was the grape shape…with warm grape Hi-C.

  4. Josh Jones

    Hi-C Peach was the GREATEST flavor!
    I have memories of popping the can and downing the whole thing as a teenager.
    Now, that’s retro… remember being able to eat and drink tons of calories with no remorse… I miss that even more.

  5. Mary Devore

    Does anyone know what year Hi-C Peach rolled out? I have a distinct memory of being at my aunt’s house in New Jersey for the summer after my mom died (which was 1976) to give my dad some time to get some rest (7 kids!). But I’m not sure if that was ‘76, ‘77 or ‘78. Just eating a peach and went down memory lane. I found this post and saw the newspaper ad and was looking for a date!

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