How Do You Enjoy Your Monster Cereals?

As you probably know from coming to the site, I am a pretty big fan of the Monster Cereals. Last year I even went as Boo Berry for Halloween. So just a friendly reminder, if you have not done so already head out to your local store and pick up the Monster Cereals that have hit shelves. For a lot of outlets this is the only time of year they will carry it, so load up.

Here are some fun suggestions on how to enjoy your Monster Cereals in novel ways:

  • If you live in an area with low Trick or Treating traffic, pick up an extra box or two and blow a Trick or Treater’s mind by giving them an entire box.
  • Add you Monster Cereal to popcorn while watching your favorite scary movie. Buttery Count Chocula is highly underrated.
  • Monster Cereal medleys! Boo Berry and Franken Berry is a logical combination (do you know which is the dominant flavor?), but the Count and Frank also go well together, who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries?
  • Fold some into Rice Krispie Treats. Blue Berry Rice Krispie Treats? Wonderful!

What do you do with your Monster Cereals? I would love to hear some of your cereal innovations.

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  1. I never had much sugary cereal as a kid, so maybe I never developed a taste for it. I remember thinking Count Chocula was OK (because I liked chocolate milk) but the other ones kind of grossed me out. The milk in the bowl was like liquefied Jolly Rancher.

  2. I bring it to Mexico and sell it in my Monster Cafe on my kids menu. Mexico NEVER gets the Monster cereals so I have to truck it in from Texas.

  3. sounds like you’ve got a pretty rad place Bane! If I ever get down your way I’m gonna have to look it up!

  4. I usually eat them all separately. Right now, we are looking for more, as the stores here are running out!

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