How do you sell Marvel-themed Computer Games in 1984? Put on some Costumes!

The above photo is from the 1984 Winter CES show. It features people dressed up as Spider-Man, Firestar and Captain America (pre-Hydra) trying to get people excited for the amazing Questprobe line of games featuring Marvel characters. Designed by the legendary game designer Scott Adams, Questprobe games were some the earliest video games featuring Marvel characters, released right after Spider-Man for the Atari. For eighties comic book fans, they were an exciting look at how far comic book entertainment could be stretched with this early technology.

While the games were not action oriented. The art was top-notch and the storytelling let you feel like you were controlling a comic book and what more could a fan ask for at the time?

The Questprobe games peaked in 1985 and an aborted version of an X-men title was started by Adams that year, but never finished. Although you can find the unfinished version floating around.

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