How many of these late 1970s Handheld Electronic Games did you Own?

Were you an electronic gamer? When did you start collecting? Were any of these classics in your collection? How many did you own? How many can you recognize?


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  1. Patrick J. Doody

    I was too young when these came out – like around 5 years oldish. However, the woman who watched me while my parent’s worked had older kids in the 70s and they had a TON of them. Used to play them all.

    I do however still own that Space Invaders and it still works!

  2. Dex (@Dex1138)

    I owned Space Invaders and played most of the others. I had completely forgotten about that baseball one with the wired controller until seeing it here!

  3. Daniel

    I had that tennis thing (bottom, center) and I totally forgot about it until just seeing it now. The 80s handhelds were so much better.

  4. Fraze

    I had (and still own) Digital Derby, Digital Diamond and Blip. I would have to say I played Digital Diamond the most, Blip and Derby were so repetitively boring. I also have Tandy Baseball and Mattel Football (the white one) and a space invaders type game.

  5. john

    My dad always called me a videogame freak. The only one I had was the Digital Derby. But the batteries were always expensive. Mostly my dad, when he first moved out as my mom had divorced him, rented an upstairs apartment and had the Atari 2600. That’s the ultimate electronic game in the 1970’s. Problem was that it was hooked up to the only tv set he had in the apartment, so playing it was difficult as he sometimes watched a game, or my older sister wanted to watch her show.
    The games he had were the early games of Minature Golf, Superman, Starship, etc.

  6. sjgeek89

    My brother had the Space Invaders which I wasn’t able to play that often ( I reference it in the Road Trip episode 143) and I had the Digital Derby, loved it.

  7. plcary

    I had Digital Derby, Blip and the baseball. Plus many others because I loved those handheld games. My favorites were the original Mattell football and Battlestar Galactica.

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