Hoxie Bros Circus

Hoxie Bros Circus

The Hoxie Bros Circus were one of many smaller circuses that used to travel from town to town. Unlike the larger Ringling Bros. Circus, Hoxie and its ilk still setup their own tent. This gave those visiting the circus amazing access to the performers and animals.

For those who never got to see something like this firsthand. Picture going to state fair. Now instead of getting a close up view of a blue-ribbon cow, you are getting dangerously close to elephants.

Hoxie Bros Circus, founded by Tucker Hoxie, started in Florida in 1943 and toured through areas other circuses just wouldn’t go. Eventually through hard work and determination the quality of the show increased and they started to play larger town in other regions.

That is how the circus made its way up to Secaucus, NJ in the summer of 1978. Secaucus is a small town situated on the high end of the NJ Turnpike, close to New York City. Being a town on the small side, the circus coming to Secaucus was a big deal.

They setup shop at the football stadium for the old Junior High and the whole town came down to enjoy the show.

I was not lucky enough to go to the Hoxie Bros Circus, but my sister was. In fact, she went to this very performance and was very excited when I was able to share this 30 minute transfer of a Super 8 Kodachrome sound film that someone shot on this muggy day back in 1978.

It is great footage, showing various aspects of the circus. From setup to performance, all in glorious color. Circuses are quickly becoming a thing of the past, thankfully people have captured these shows so future generations can know what they were like.

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