Hulkamania Workout Set Cassette Tape from 1985

As a kid, I had a lot of friends who were into fitness. They would huddle in their basements, around rusty workbenches trying to get pumped up. On their walls were posters of the people they were trying to emulate. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson and other beefy fellows loomed large. One of my friends was obsessed with wrestling. Naturally all of his fitness goals centered around his heroes. I remember going to his house to get him to do something else and I would hear him working out in his basement to this Hulkamania Workout Set Cassette Tape that he loved.

It’s a pretty strange workout tape. One moment it will have driving drums, saxophone and guitar, then it will get all mellow. But no matter what the background, all the while the Hulkster is barking at you. I still kind of find it unsettling. Yet, my friend ate it up. Although I would like to notes that he never seemed to cultivate any mass or develop muscles. So I am not sure that the tapes was doing him any good.

The tape came bundled with a few workout accessories that you see above. As you can see, you get the Hulkamania Workout cassette, a poster, some weights, sweat bands, a jump rope and one of those things you squeeze with your hands. They are all you need to get Hulked out. This set, in good condition goes for a pretty penny nowadays. So if you happen to see one at a flea market, scoop it up.

Listening to it now, I am amazed out how much padding is on this tape. Hulk explains some basics that I would find infuriating if I had to listen to it every time. Oh well, I wasn’t the target audience for this tape. Hulk wanted kids with iron constitutions. Kids with the patience to match their muscles.

So say your prayers, take your vitamins and get ready to hang and bang with Hulk Hogan.

Listen to the Hulkamania Workout Casette