Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding was School Lunchtime Gold


I was walking down the aisle in the Supermarket yesterday when I spotted the Snack Puddings on a really good sale and decided to pick some up for old time’s sake. Back in elementary school, one of these puddings was like a brick of gold when it came time for lunch trading at school. Very rarely did I have them, but when I did, I could easily trade them for two Twinkies or even a can of soda. I found it hard to resist a soda trade, so I doubt I many pudding packs that I ate myself.

Pudding Packs actually precede this Melissa Gilbert commercial by about 5 years and they continued to make them in the single serving cans until 1984 when they switched to the much easier to manage, plastic containers.

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  1. vinvectrex

    Always one of my favorite schooltime desserts. Popping the top off and carefully licking the lid was extremely satisfying.

  2. Bitchin! I loved those old cans! I remember comics on the inside of the packages at one time I believe.

  3. plcary

    I had the metal cans with the. Pull tops too! Butterscotch and chocolate were my faves.

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