I am Not Sure What the Question is, but if You Lived in the Late 70s/Early 80s, this Guy had Your Answer

I have posted some great Photos of the Day here on the site, but today’s find by The Damn Mushroom is mind blowingly wonderful. Instead of a setup photo of kids and adults playing Atari and hanging around the living room, Mushy manages to find a photo of late 70s/early 80s man at the height of his power, reigning over his court sometime after 1980.

Adorned in his finest robe, with his Mrs. Roper-esque old lady by his side. This man among men sits in opulent splendor, whiling away his days eating brownies (or coffee cake) and drinking and smoking. Concern is not for him. He only needs to worry about two things, is his new beard coming in even and how can he achieve a higher score in Asteroids on his Atari 2600 (looks like a 4 switch Woody, which is why I guess post 1980)?

So much great stuff in this pic to spot and celebrate(and you should check out the larger version on Flickr). The furniture, the double door, the stubby lamp on the TV table, the handle of the plastic comb! Who is using a comb in this photo? The sleeping cat??

What is your favorite thing about this photo?

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  1. vinvectrex

    Personally, I like that 5 cans of a sixpack are visible. There’s a sixth can peeking over the woman’s shoulder, but it looks to be a different brand. And then there’s the lone bottle. Who brought that?!

  2. peachy

    I cant decide between those FABULOUS curtains or that perm…

  3. The Retroist

    The can in the background appears to be 7-Up.

  4. Belle Dee

    The curtains! I’m in love with the curtains!

  5. CarlosTheDwarf

    I’m torn between the fact that my friend until pretty recently had that exact coffee table, and the old “fatty” style 12oz. bottle of Bud. I bet it smelled of Clydesdales.

  6. Atari Adventure Square

    The kitschy quilt on the sofa.
    The home of every aunt I had in the late 70s had something like that thrown over their living room couch, but it could also be found on top of beds, covering rocking chairs or, rightly, folded and stashed away in their closet.

    It came right out and smothered you if a sleepover was to occur.

  7. garsh

    Is that lamp sitting on a TV tray being used an end table?

  8. Melody

    Nothing goes as well with a Bud as a piece of German chocolate cake.

  9. The Retroist

    @garsh – I believe it is and such a smallish lamp for such a tallish table.

    @Melody – Is that what that is? I thought weird brownie or coffee cake. I am not sure why, but German Chocolate Cake seems more appropriate. Has a 70s vibe to me.

  10. Drahken

    Reminds me very much of when I was 3~6. We lived with a guy who had identical hair & beard, the furniture was similar, and the wallpaper in the house kinda resembled those curtains (although the wallpaper was brown instead of green).

  11. Carol

    Those drapes are too much! I love them! Plus the comb handle! You just couldn’t go wrong with one of those combs sticking in the side leg pocket of a pair of painter-pants back then. If only a pair of those were draped over the couch!

  12. Patrick J. Doody

    They made a Super 8 stag film three minutes after this picture was taken.

    The Atari made the cut.

  13. shezcrafti

    I’m sure there’s a lot of interesting retro-y things going on in this photo but all I can focus on are his balls.

  14. DarkTetsuya

    Yeah gotta give my vote to that 2600 plopped down near the end of the coffee table there…

    was going to ask what game that was but the full image has the answer (asteroids! … man I was playing that on my 2600 a few months ago… managed just over 100K which meant you had to roll the score over cause it didn’t count that high!)

  15. VicSage

    I’m going to say I like the cat in the chair that is giving his owners the look of perpetual disdain. So…who took the photo by the way?

  16. em

    Are those Hello Dollies on the plate? I think they sell those curtains at Urban Outfitters. Fatty Bud.

  17. Dar

    It just oozes raw 70’s masculinity.

    Thanks for posting this gem!

  18. The Retroist

    @em Urban Outfitters should use this photo in their advertising. Those do look like Hello Dollies (I have not had one of those in a long time). I wish I could talk to these people and get more information.

  19. The Retroist

    Something new just occurred to me while looking at this today. Who is taking the picture? While I am sure these people possess both a tripod and photographic know-how. I cannot help but be slightly disturbed at the photo being taken at what could be described as “kid eye level”.

  20. Jonathan

    The ATARI 2600!!!!

  21. metagirl

    This pic is really a feast for the eyes. The Atari says ‘80s, but everything else screams ‘70s, ‘70s, ‘70s! Is that his mother or his wife…sister maybe? They look a lot alike. There’s a pillow…did he spend the night on the couch? Does he live there or is he a house guest…the Kato of the early ’80s? Is that a Nike box at the foot of the coffee table?

    The Retroist is right, this ‘80s man must be at the height of his power…so confident, so burley that even smoking Virginia Slims doesn’t tarnish his masculine image. His and hers ashtrays, ah the ‘80s.

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