I Finally Got a Cobra Terror Dome

She might be in rough shape and certainly needs some cleaning, but this past week I finally got my hands on a Cobra Terror Dome. If you bring the corn chips and grape soda you can come over and play with it once its all fixed up. But I call dibs on the Firebat…

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  1. Brian Adams

    I saw one of those at an auction recently. That thing is massive! Nice score!

  2. The Retroist

    It is massive and I have a bag full of parts and dry stickers that I need to re-attach. I wish this thing still ad its box and instructions, but even without them, it was quite a deal.

  3. Michael

    I still want one of these so bad. I had a friend who had this AND the USS Flagg *and* the Space Shuttle complex. Stupid kids with divorced parents had all the breaks…

  4. The Retroist

    @Michael I had a friend who was in the same boat parent-wise and had both of those toys as well. They must have a listed in the holiday gift guide in some 1980s issue of Divorced Parents Monthly.

  5. Jason K.


  6. vinvectrex

    That thing is awesome! And a great trip down memory lane. I recalled the USS Flagg and the Space Shuttle, but forgot about this beauty. Can I bring my Kenner Death Star over so we can battle it out? Who am I kidding? You’ll win.

  7. LBD "Nytetrayn"

    Nice. I always thought that was a pretty sick base, and was glad when they introduced it… I got so tired of all the snake-themed temples and what-not.

  8. VicSage2005

    @Plaidman76 I have that as well, friend. It is an awesome playset indeed!

    There is only one G.I. Joe item that for some reason I never found under the tree or in my birthday loot. Sure, I would love to have had your awesome find, Retroist…but I always wanted a Tele-Viper. I guess that LED readout across their visors just seemed the coolest thing ever to me. Actually…it still does.

    @Retroist Who is going to be the first G.I. Joe prisoner in your Terror Drome?

  9. Ugly American


    I knew somebody that had one back in the day. It was allot of fun!

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