I Love Fruit Stripe Gum – I Only Wish the Flavor Lasted Longer than their Commercials

About once a year I buy a pack of Fruit Stripe Gum. It is by far the coolest looking and more enjoyable than any standard stick gum. Still the big problem with the gum is that if you started chewing it when you started reading this post, the flavor would have run out by now. With all the leaps in gum technology I am not sure why they have not made an improvement on that front. Unless it is a sinister plot to get me to inhale an entire pack in 10 minutes (which I have done).

I am a big fan of their mascot, who is named Yipes, but who I always called Fruit Stripes. Enough of a fan that I bought an oddly colored zebra that resembled him on the streets of New York and he sat in my cubicle for a few year. Sadly he was tossed out of window in a poorly planned prank by a co-worker and was never recovered. If your still out their Fruit Stripe, know that I miss you and if you can…come home!

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  1. Drahken

    I completely agree with the title. Awesome flavor, which fades before the commercial is over. All gum fades pretty quickly, but most last a great deal longer than fruit stripe. Bubbalicious and hubba bubba for example.

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