I love the smell of Crayons

A lot of the smells of my childhood bring a smile to my face, but are difficult to replicate. I just can’t manage to capture that morning winter breakfast smell that would permeate the house when my Grandmother was staying with us (I am probably using the wrong brand of cigarettes). While I can’t duplicate that one, there are some that are easy. One of my favorites, Crayons are just an affordable purchase away.

This explain why almost every year, sometimes a few times a year, I find myself walking past the crayons in the supermarket and throwing a box into the cart. I usually pick up the smallest pack, especially if it is under a buck and will put it on my desk until the smell fades or until I buy a new box without thinking. Since I don’t color much anymore, I have accumulated many boxes of crayons over the years, which I keep in another box. When you open that box, oh boy!

Now I know they make an air freshener that smells like crayons and even a cologne. But I stay clear of those. I like the whole package. I like seeing the Crayola box and being able to pull out the crayons from time to time to jot stuff down or to ink RPG dice.

Here is one of those wonderful ads from the 1980s for Crayola’s burgeoning line of products. I never did get into their markers. Something tells me that sitting around sniffing markers would be frowned upon.

Enjoy this Crayola Commercial

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I can imagine precisely (buty not describe) the particular combination of coffee, cigarettes, and Tastycake Crumpets that is permanently tied in my brain to a visit to my grandmother.

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