I loved the game Wall Street by CE Software

I was like most kids, you put me in front of a game and I will play it. So it doesn’t really surprise me that when I look back on my early computer gaming, I had some very positive associations with some strange titles.

My friend, who had an Apple II got a copy of a financial strategy game called Wall Street from his Uncle and invited me over to play. This started a summer of finance themed gaming the likes of which I would never see again. Sadly while I eventually found it very easy to be awesome in the game, success on the real Wall Street still alludes me.

The company that made the game CE Software still exists today as Startly Technologies/CE Software, and while they do not seem to make video games anymore, back in 1981 they put out a very decent crop including: SwordThrust, Mission Escape! and Wall Street.

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  1. Max Power

    This makes me want to dig out my copy of Tax Avoiders for the Atari 2600

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