I loved the Wispride Cheese Crock


Maybe I would have liked the Wispride cheese spread, but it was long gone when I discovered the discarded crock and started using it for my storage needs. It served as a home for my dice, pens and pencils, assorted change, rubber bands and much more. It was so well-made that I thought this thing would last forever, but one night after coming home late from my job at the video store, I found it broken on the floor next to my desk.

The accepted theory was the my dog slammed into the desk and knocked it over, but I suspect one of my sisters to this day. They had a tendency to break my stuff by accident and blame the dog (examples of broken stuff include an awesome giant light bulb desk lamp, my batman talking clock and my Death Star playset). All of those are things they have admitted to breaking after I wore them down. Decades later, I am still trying to get them to admit to breaking the crock. They think that time would make me forget, but you don’t forget a magnificent brown container like that.

This commercial opens up old wounds and steels my resolve to get to the truth.

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  1. crpechonick

    That stuff was awesome. I wish they still sold it in those crocks, those were cool!

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