I Still Want Me some Crazy Foam

When I was a kid our shower broke and it took a while before we got it working. Which meant that for a while we were stuck taking baths every day. Relaxing, but time consuming with plenty of time to think. What did I think about in my kid brain? Crazy Foam! How could I be stuck using Ivory Soap when Crazy Foam! was available in all major retailers in our area. So I would beg and plead and threaten to not bathe, but alas and alack, my family would not relent. Eventually the shower was fixed and I moved on with my life, but to this day, every time I pick up a bar of soap, a part of me dies a little and I still want me some crazy foam.

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  1. christopher tupa

    We have a soap similiar to this. It’s not quite as foamy and doesnt come in a sweet smurf bottle. I can pretend though…

  2. VicSage2005

    My Lord. I had truly forgotten about Crazy Foam. Thank you, for the trip down my cluttered memory lane!

  3. Brian Boone

    My toddler son has some Crazy Foam-like soap in a child-friendly container. He is absolutely terrified of it.

  4. metagirl

    I want a smurf in my tub.

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