I Vant To Bite Your Finger By Hasbro

I think we need a lot more toys where you stick your fingers into the mouths of monsters. I only have vague memories of playing this brilliant game, but seeing this commercial makes me want to seek out a copy of it to add my new smaller collection of board games.

The game was designed by Charles Phillips and Charlie Leicht and released in 1979 by Ideal Toys in collaboration with Hasbro. In the game you are for some reason sticking your finger in the mouth a cardboard vampire, which is attached to the games mechanism. The vampire’s teeth are actually red markers. So when you get bit by the vampire, it leave an almost painless, but indelible mark on you.

In the game you advance you spooky tokens around the board. You do this by announcing how many spaces you would like to advance. Then as you move your piece, you also advance the clock forward. If the clock happens to stop a time to the vampire’s liking, it will open its cape. This is code for “Give me your finger.” At this point you stick your finger in its mouth. Then you push down on the mechanism in the back of his head. Sometimes he will bite, sometime he won’t, its all very random and a lot of fun.

Back when the game was available, you could actually send money for replacement markers. Nowadays, I think you will just need to ink them yourself.

I Vant to Bite Your Finger is a fun little game that is easy to play, moves quickly and had a great theme. It used to show up for sale online more often, but I don’t see it much lately. The game was briefly very popular on auction sites, so I am guessing the dramatic price increase, coupled with its desirability has contributed to its rarity. So if you are lucky enough to spot one in the wild, do pick it up.

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