I want a snack! Cracker Jack!

I will not argue that Cracker Jack is a great snack. Individual sized boxes were sometimes bought as a treat in my house when I was growing up and I still indulge in a box from time to time nowadays. What I have never been sold on is the Cracker Jack as a family snack. The reason behind this is simple. The prize.

When you are a kid, one of the highlights of eating Cracker Jacks is the prize. So what do you do when you have more than one prize seeker? In this commercial they just skip over the potential drama of a “prize fight” by having both kids reach for the bowl — One reaches for the prize, the other a handful of Cracker Jack. Maybe they take turns or flipped a coin before hand, but I think this is simple a sanitized version of reality.

Have you ever tried to give one kid a toy and not the other? It can be a nightmare.

That is why I suggest you stick with individual boxes. They are fun to eat, allow for some portion size management and more importantly give you a prize in each one.

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