I would look good in this Walt Disney Davy Crockett Jacket

At some point in the 1980s, my family got cable and not too longer afterwards we got the Disney Channel. Back then their programming was not as robustly originally as it is today. So they would show old cartoons and other Disney movies and programming from the past. It was heaven.

One of the obsessions I picked up during this period was for Disney’s Davy Crockett starring Fess Parker. I would always make sure I scheduled my time around broadcasts of the show using my handy Disney Channel guide. My fandom was extreme enough that I even tried to get my friends into Crockett, but for some reason they just didn’t find the same enjoyment that I did in this frontier hero.

My mother, who lived through the original Davy Crockett mania that swept the nation back in the 1950s, told tales of how kids would wear raccoon skin hats and leather jackets just like in the movies. I fantasized of proudly walking around in a fringed buckskin coat and fending off river pirates who were damaging commerce heading into the trading post of Manhattan. Sadly no one was selling anything like it in my suburban town. Which is probably good, because I think wearing something like that to my school would have not been received well. You should have been with me when I work a shirt that some described as “pink”. It was light red people!!!

I have pretty much given up on my frontier hero dreams nowadays, but occasionally, when I see a site like Hake’s selling an amazing and original Davy Crockett jacket from the 1950s, those old familiar feelings return. Suddenly I am no longer wrestling with a programming issue, but with a bear in the dense forests of some frontier bygone age.

Makes me wonder how much an adult version of this coat would cost (and am I cool enough to pull off fringe?)


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